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Wendy Reardon, says she has ghosts in her studio.
The Boston dance instructor says her Boylston Street studio, Gypsy Rose, is haunted by multiple ghosts who come out while she’s working the pole. Wendy will tell her tale of supernatural stripping on the Biography Channel’s “My Ghost Story” Saturday night.
“I used to have a studio in Quincy and they were always there,” Reardon said of her paranormal pals. “I was taping myself dancing and I saw something fly by and I was like, ‘What the hell is that?’ I thought it was some kind of orb or something. About 98 percent of the time I taped in my studio I would get them.”
When Wendy moved her studio from Quincy to Boston about seven or eight ghosts followed.
“It scared the hell out of me at first. I would hear my name, and I’d hear ‘Hello.’ Lights would go on and off. I would tell them to stop it and they would stop.”
But soon enough Wendy came to appreciate her ghostly garter-stuffers and when she moved to the big city she invited them along.
“I said, ‘I want you guys to come with me,’ and sure enough they did. I finally got a bunch of guys to like me and they’re all dead!”
Wendy’s ghosts aren’t visible to the naked eye, she said. “You can only see them on video.”
And instead of calling the Ghostbusters, Wendy’s named her phantasmic pals.
“There’s seven or eight of them that have different shapes and different personalities,” she said. “Bullet, looks like a bullet. There’s one that blinks as he goes along, so his name is Blinky. One I named Thriller because he’s three-dimensional and made his first appearance when I danced to ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson.”
But why did the spirits choose to haunt her?
“I believe they were spirits that used to work in the area and just happen to come by,” Wendy explained. “They saw me and my students dancing, and they liked it and told their ghost friends.”
Wendy’s episode of “My Ghost Story” airs Saturday at 10 p.m. on the Biography Channel.
Source: BostonHerald 

My view? It`s good to see that the media take the paranormal seriously - not!

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