Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Dunedin ghost tour guide Andrew Smith
A supposedly haunted hostel is causing a stir in Dunedin, leaving students shaken and sleeping with the lights on.

But one of Dunedin’s paranormal experts thinks he might know who the uninvited guest is.

Student Abby Hope lives at Cumberland College where the ghost has allegedly been seen.

“All the girls were freaking out about it, it was a bit intense some girls had their lights flicking on and off.”

Hysteria filled the halls of the hostel after students were shocked by a black figure, an odd smell and a chill in the air.

“People sleeping in each others rooms, I slept with my friend for a couple of nights,” Ms Hope says.

It is a story Dunedin ghost tour guide Andrew Smith is familiar with.

“It is again very typical of an unfriendly spirit.”

He thinks this spirit may be the spirit of the "Grey Lady".

“A young mother who was actually staying in the original part of the hospital in a psychiatric unit, the baby was taken from her, she died.”

It is said the young mother's spirit crossed the road into what was the old nurses residence, looking for her stolen child.

The situation at Cumberland College has calmed after the university brought in the resident chaplain, and a local kaumatua to bless the halls of residence.

Source: 3News

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