Saturday, 5 May 2012


 Here is an interesting video showing a lot of activity, and these locations have always fascinated me for paranormal research.
Hospital Emergency Rooms (Accident and Emergency) are another potent place for activity.
Both have seen many people pass over into spirit, and I recall the night I spent in A&E. 
I was `walking wounded` and remained in there for a few hours. 
You could easily feel energy, and on one brief moment I saw a confused man faintly appear and then quickly disappear.
The A&E staff acknowledged some strange activity, but wouldn`t comment further. 

Comment from the poster: "This is nursing home surveillance camera footage in UT. My ghost hunting partner and I did EVP and K2 work there also. We were told by staff members that the dining area of this particular nursing home is haunted by a deceased resident. When this room is deserted, the security camera occasionally picks up an image of something walking around the table, sitting down, getting up and walking around some more. This is only apparent when everyone (staff members and residents) have left the room completely.

**** I am a very reasonable skeptic, and am open to the idea that it may be an insect floating in front of the camera. But it just seems a little too strange that it appears to be sitting down in the chair, going around the table, and sitting down again. Very interesting nonetheless. :)"

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