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A man in uniform with a skeletal face - Captured at former RAF fighter base
Reading an article on the demise of the Dinosaur reminded me of the age old question on the viability of spirit to remain an earthly presence.
I more commonly engage on investigations spiritual presences that mostly (at best) only go back a few hundred years or so.
The oldest persistent haunting is the Roman soldier who haunts Mersea Island in Essex. (See video).

From my own personal experiences, the more common apparitions tend to be more recent, and gradually (it seems)  as you go back through history they get less and less seen.
I think there are a variety of factors that may explain `apparition demise`.

1) Their energy (including residual energy) gradually wanes over the years.

2) The more `plentiful` and recent apparitions have a variety of reasons to remain in this plane. This could either be wanting to overlook loved ones, or possibly that they don`t actually know they are dead, or they have some impossible task to complete.

3) They are `attached` to a location that once demolished or cleared, causes them to move over. Or in other cases, they `move` into a replacement building on site - but they still fade with time.
Yet funnily enough, you often get an opposite reaction if the building (still standing) receives any building work. As this has a tendency to sometimes it draw back energy that had moved over many years previously to cause mayhem to the owners or builders.

This theory might explain why we don`t see Woolly Mammoths or cave men on our investigations. And even far less of meeting a Dinosaur in spirit..
There are so many unanswered questions because we are dealing with a subject that exists, but not in any way as a quantifiable form that can easily be accommodated by the known laws of physics.

Technology is improving our research into the Paranormal, but sadly not at a pace that could ever sufficiently answer these questions. And perhaps far worse, serious dedicated academic research is often curtailed by a scientific opinion that refuses to consider the existence of life outside of this existence - and that`s through either personal conviction or religious belief.

There is however always hope though for the future!

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