Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Somewhere in Ho Chi Minh City, a team of paranormal investigators is attempting to verify that an 11-year-old girl can set objects alight with her aura.

The Vietnamese Research Center for Potential Human Abilities -- yes, that apparently exists -- is shadowing the girl to ascertain the nature of her abilities, acccording to VietnamNet. A flurry of news reports contend that the girl has caused walls, appliances and bundles of clothing to spontaneously burst into flames.
She doesn't have to touch the objects or even harness her mental concentration, according to the reports. The objects just light up in her presence.

The girl remains anonymous. Outlets such as Tuoi Tre News and Thanh Nien have published photos of charred fans, walls and clothing.
VietnamNet reports that she now must sleep next to a pail of water in case she nocturnally erupts.

Dr Nguyen Manh Hung, rector of Hong Bang University, told the family on Monday the school will send an expert who would constantly be with the girl, only identified as T., to observe and record all occurrences.
Hung made the decision after doing tests on her at home Tuesday, including a scan that found a red streak on the right side of her brain.

The streak disappeared when she wore a quartz clip on her wrist but then she felt uncomfortable as if electricity was coursing through her body.

Hung said the school would do further tests on the girl and her surroundings environment.
“She has a rare ability that needs to be studied.

“We will gradually eliminate possibilities one by one, then we will hopefully find out the actual cause of the phenomenon.”
T. recently made headlines after her parents reported plastic and cloth substances around her went up in flames.
She can reportedly set things within a 20 meter radius on fire without having to focus on or touch them, though conclusive proof has to be obtained yet.

T. goes to school and, from all accounts, gets along normally with others.

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