Saturday, 4 October 2014


Visiting one of old England`s unique former churches, the church of St Lawrence in Braughton, Buckinghamshire is a medieval building that is nationally protected as a Grade 1 heritage site.

Containing some unique and rare surviving wall art from the pre and post reformation periods, the documentary focuses in on these and their history, plus an inspection of two rare Elizabethan era books.

This building oozes with charm and history of a lost and nearly forgotten medieval world where the ordinary soul looked forward to salvation and redemption from their miserable lives in an era of poverty,disease, war and religious strife ...

Join me as I take you through this amazing and very rare slice of medieval life and death ...

Starting tonight at 11pm GMT (UK time) or 6pm EST (Eastern Standard Time - USA).

An additional video showing paranormal activity will be released later.

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