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Since 2006 I have been sharing video investigations of paranormal activity captured inside my home, and in particular the master bedroom which appears core to many of the activities recorded there.

Presented by Chris Halton
What I discovered over 8 years of filming, is that some `orb` activity is clearly not as many sceptics would describe as dust motes, bugs, linen fibre, water vapour et al.

Before I continue further, I do agree that much of what people believe to be `orbs`, isn`t, and real activity captured on digital still is virtually impossible to prove as spiritual.

However, some events captured on video can be an entirely different story as my research suggests.

In my analysis I was able to share examples where some `orbs`, clearly reacted and interacted with my presence, and having the fortune of having such a protracted study period in one location I was able to furnish some very compelling results from my studies.

In this video presentation I share the results of a very recent study inside that room, and by using comparisons to past events from the rich source of material available from my Youtube page, I can show that the presences we sometimes falsely ascribe as `orbs`, are clearly a sentient intelligence that not only interacts, but also appears time after time in similar form and `modus operandi`.

           From the haunted bedroom. Are these the ghostly paws of an animal captured here on camera?

Of course, I realise that to some unenlightened minds, my analysis will always be `dust`` - despite evidence to the contrary, and within the context of this study, that argument `holds no water` as shown in this footage.

I believe that if we are able to advance our own studies of the paranormal, all research should be inclusive and open to the possibilities that the paranormal embraces many facets of study, and clearly within the context of `orbs`, everything is not always what you may presume it to be.

I hope you enjoy my latest work and feel free to share to your favourite blogs or discussion forums.

Chris Halton

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