Friday, 26 September 2014


Officers at a police station in New Mexico believe they are dealing with more than just criminals.

One cop at the post in Espanola believes he came in contact with a ghost on Saturday night - and has video evidence to prove it.

Officer Karl Romero was stationed in the surveillance room monitoring the CCTV cameras when he noticed something moving in the gated area.

Romero claims that a spirit-like creature could be seen moving across a sally port, which is a controlled entryway completely sealed off.

Detectives say there is no way in or out of the secured area without the gates opening and an alarm sounding.
'I do believe in ghosts,' Ramero said.
'I don't know (what it was on the video), but we've had some unsolved murders in the area.'

The CCTV footage shows a murky image moving across the sally port.
Ramero believes it clearly shows something with legs.
Other officers say they have witnessed unexplained occurrences and sometimes felt as if someone was breathing on them.

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