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A video of cake dish cover flying off a counter top is causing quite the stir in Gilford, N.H. Mainly because nobody can be seen flinging the large glass object.

Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and the rest of the Ghostbusters were not called in to investigate, but yesterday a professional medium and ghost hunter did arrive at the Ellacoya Country Store to see if they could discover why the dish jumped off the counter and crashed into a thousand pieces on the floor.

Video captured by the store's surveillance camera shows the glass top quickly moving up and off the counter, as if it had been pulled by a string. Yet the peanut butter squared on the dish itself remained untouched. There is nobody else visible in the video clip (see below). The fact that this happened did not come as a huge surprise to the store owners as the colonial-era building, constructed in 1745, is no stranger to ghostly apparitions.

"In 2002 when we opened the store, I had looked and I had seen a man standing, and it disappeared as fast as I saw it," said Lisa Ferraro-Giles, store manager.

The medium Karen Tatro immediately got into the spirit of the event saying she felt strange "vibes" and had a sense that it felt very heavy in the room, particularly near where the cake dish was sitting.

This would coincide with other incidents noticed in the store.

"It's little things. You'll turn the lights on, and they'll go off. Or turn them off, and they go on. People say they've felt somebody tapping them on the shoulder, when there's no one there," saidFerraro-Giles

"It almost feels like someone kind of stays in this particular area, and is observing the store and what's happening," Tatro said. "(It) felt like a woman. Felt older."

A more skeptical Parapsychologist Brian Cano wasn't so sure. While admitting that something mysterious did happen in the store, he could not say one way or the other that it was a ghost that caused the damage.

Despite the destructive nature of the alleged ghosts, store workers said they were not afraid, but would like some answers.

Perhaps the store needs to upgrade its surveillance to a full home automation system to include motion sensors and HD cameras to properly track down its poltergeist.

Source: TechTimes

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