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We can all agree that when it comes to the paranormal or supernatural, there are skeptics, but a San Antonio school claims it can teach people how to become psychics, mediums, and even spiritual healers.
“My goal is to empower you,” said Cathy Coker, Ph.D.  “Empower the true spirit that's asleep.”
Coker runs the Coker Institute of Empowerment.

The school offers classes on how to train your brain and your body to connect with the so-called spiritual world.

Coker opened the school because she believes everyone has a supernatural ability, whether they know it or not.

“There are some people that don’t know what their gifts are,” said Coker.
That was true for student Adriana Evans-Garcia.
According to Evans-Garcia, she discovered her gift of “spiritual healing” though taking classes.
Evans-Garcia said she had a fibroid under her arm.
“It was the size of a quarter and now it's gone,” said Evans-Garcia.

Since discovering her ability, she claims she's performed many more acts of healing.
“I’ve seen people that cannot walk, be able to walk,” said Evans-Garcia. “I’ve seen people that cannot see, be able to see. Just a few weeks ago, I saw people be healed from seizures.”
But it all begs the question, how do you teach something that has no scientific proof or facts to back it up?
“What I usually teach people is to trust your intuition,” said Coker Institute teacher Sonia Beatrice. “We all have it. Many just don’t realize what's going on.”

Beatrice says she's a psychic.
She believes everyone can unleash their supernatural abilities by simply trusting their gut.
“Some of us have higher sensitivities and intuition, and others have less, but we still use it,” she said.
Coker hopes that her school grows from the couple of dozen students she has now.
However, in the end she knows she still has a lot of convincing to do.

“I would say come and just sit in one of my classes,” said Coker. “Just come and experience and then judge.” The Coker Institute of Empowerment opened in January. The school charges $20 per class.
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Story: FoxNewsSanAntonio

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