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It seems everyday some new tool towards communicating with spirit are made available as Android Aps, or in this case, for the home computer. And one such program is the `XParanormal Detector`

The premise here is (quote) :
`Unlike other Ghost detectors for the PC, there is no need for a special external USB key! XParanormal Detector will use your existing WIFI adapter card and/or network adapter from your computer to detect possible paranormal activities in your surroundings! It's that simple.
Easy to use, XParanormal Detector does not slow down your PC at all, it is very low on memory and cpu usage! Even works on most netbooks for easy portability!

Who uses XParanormal Detector:

 Paranormal investigators from around the world
 Psychic Mediums
 People curious about ghost hunting

In a couple of words, XParanormal Detector allows any spirits of the dead to use your computer as a source of energy and communicate with you. Using our unique algorithm, energy is capture, analyzed and then transformed into a word that is spoken out to you using Windows Text to Speech engine that is installed on most Windows systems. The word that is detected is then displayed on the XParanormal Detector interface. The main interface includes two visual graphs, one the shows the wave activity in your surrounding and the other to show when there is high flux of energy....`

Of course, I was highly suspicious as this device isn`t connected to radio band scrolling, as that currently isn`t possible. So instead the creator claims to utilise the many `frequencies` operating within the workings of a home computer. So any claims that this device can operate in a manner similar to the `Ghost Box` was worth further scrutiny.

I downloaded and installed this version for WindowsXP and Vista. There is another version for later Windows operating systems.

For an hour, nothing at all happened .. No words, and apparently no activity.
So I then played a TV show to see whether this would help `spirit` to contact with the promised words of communication.
Almost immediately I heard, `anaesthesiologist`. This was recorded on screen too. This word is American English for an `anaesthetist` which suggests that the software has a pre-defined vocabulary, and not words being plucked out of the ether, as I was using this in the U.K.

With the basic program (free) it doesn`t store data, and you only get single line responses. Also you don`t get the promised, `Paranormal Radar` unless you buy the program.

Not quite how this word fitted into what I was doing, but I decided to continue ...

After another 10 minutes, the word, `Man` appeared.

Then nothing at all during my 2 hour test.

I personally think this program  to be pure junk science. There are no scientific values upon which the software was created. Just random electrical impulses which correlate to pre-defined recorded words within the programs `algorithms.`

Not exactly a step forward into the spiritual unknown.

I did try direct contact with spirit, but the software didn`t detect any activity, which hardly surprised me at all.

The suppliers of this software issue a standard caveat to it`s usage: `XParanormal Detector does not guarantee to detect ghosts, nor does its name imply that they exist. But it might, and they might. However, your interaction, emotional state, and belief system, may be important factors in how you interpret unusual events. This software is a useful tool to some people and an amusing toy to others.
This software should be used for entertainment only.`

Which basically says it is unproven scientifically, and should be treated as a toy.

I can`t agree more, but then it was less than entertaining picking up odd words that had no meaning, and in my opinion isn`t worth buying.

Story: Chris Halton

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