Friday, 14 March 2014


Some news!

Haunted Earth have been approached by the Community Channel to host some of our documentaries for a series to be broadcast on their channel in June 2014.

The non-profit, Community Channel broadcasts on digital and terrestrial channels and is supported by the BBC and independent networks.

The channel is available in 13 million homes to 36 million people. BARB research (the TV industry Gold Standard) shows that approximately 1.3 million people tune in every month.

As well as television viewers, every week there are 10,000 individual responses to the Channel through the website, telephone lines and email.

It`s programme content is a mixture of mainstream and small independents like myself with the emphasis being on community based interests.

As a channel, they do not ordinarily share paranormal related material, but in the case of these documentaries, they have allowed for the videos to be shared in their entirety.

For my work, this is an excellent platform, and I am very pleased they have chosen a number of my videos for broadcast under an umbrella programme called, `Great Getaways`.

Closer to the month I will share broadcast times and dates for each shared show.

I`m personally very pleased, as this will garner more interest in my work, and hopefully it will draw interest from other channels too.

Lastly, I was hoping that my current production which is in post edit, would be available to view this coming Saturday, March 15th, 2014.

Due to the amount of material shot for this production, and some new technical improvements, the entire show has been delayed, and will not now be available until 10pm (GMT) on Saturday March 22nd, 2014.

My apologies, but you will be more than compensated by the content in this (for us) groundbreaking programme which has new music additions scored by myself, to work around Youtube copyright restrictions. An example below is a piece I created for the end credits entitled, `Tilbury March`.

Announcements and advertisements for the show will be circulated during next week.

Thank you for being patient. I`m currently a `one man band` on the production side, and fitting all my other responsibilities together, leaves little time for myself.

Chris Halton

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