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Ghosts & the Supernatural - Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. It is the fourteenth-largest city in the European Union. It is also the historical capital of Bohemia. Situated in the north-west of the country on the Vltava River, the city is home to about 1.3 million people.

Founded during the Romanesque and flourishing by the Gothic and Renaissance eras, Prague was not only the capital of the Czech state, but also the seat of two Holy Roman Emperors and thus also the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. It was an important city to the Habsburg Monarchy and its Austro-Hungarian Empire and after World War I became the capital of Czechoslovakia. The city played major roles in the Protestant Reformation, the Thirty Years’ War, and in 20th-century history, during both World Wars and the post-war Communist era.

Prague is known for its mysteries and paranormal happenings. The Golem of Prague was created by Judah Loew. The Golem was to protect the Jewish people. Even though this story is far-fetched, I still feel that there is some truth to this myth.

The Headless Knight’s Templar

While in Prague, I went to the mystical labyrinth of this ancient city. There is a story that there was once a noble Templar Knight who rode a fanciful white horse and this is one of the most popular ghosts of Prague. The Headless Knight’s Templar reminds me so much of Sleepy Hollow’s Headless Horseman. If you have the chance of encountering this famous ghost, you will see the bright red cross on the Knight’s torso and in his hand, he is carrying his head! Many citizens have claimed that they have seen this ghost trotting down the cobblestone streets. Many citizens who have seen this ghost say that he is merely serving his ghostly servitude.

Legend has it that to rid this ghost from Prague’s cobblestone streets, you must be brave and strong and seize his noble horse and then grab the knight’s sword and pierce it through the heart of the ghost. The Headless Templar can be found wandering on picturesque and positively creepy Liliova Street between midnight and 1 a.m. It is a mystery on why the Headless Knight’s Templar lost his head.

While trying to conduct an EVP session, I felt something kick me in the back of the leg. I feel like I have a sprained ankle and I have been limping. I have a huge bruise on my foot. Could I have provoked the Headless Knight’s Templar horse to stomp on the back of my leg? I have learned from experience that ghosts overseas don’t mess around.

The Murdered Nun
St. Agnes Convent in Josefov
Around the area of St. Agnes Convent in Josefov there lurks a ghost that is known as The Murdered Nun. She appears only at night. She is known to be a moody and is seen sometimes covered in blood and crying hysterically. She is known also to smile and stare at loving couples on a bench. She was a child of a wealthy nobleman. She fell hopelessly in love with a desolate knight. Her noble father of course refused to give his consent for marriage and as her payment for her unforgivable sin she was to be sent to live in St. Agnes convent, where she still resides today but only in esoteric form.

The night before her transfer to the convent she decided to follow her heart and met with her beloved. Her father went psychotic and stabbed her repeatedly for shaming the family name. The Murdered Nun has been haunting the area of St. Agnes ever since. Legend has it that this ghost once appeared to a girl who wished to poison herself because of a tragic love affair. The Murdered Nun grabbed the poison from the depressed girl’s hand and placed a bag of coins in it instead, enabling her to live a happy and prosperous life with her true love.

The Murdered Nun and the Headless Knight’s Templar are the only ghosts I investigated due to time limitations, but Prague has many ghosts and they are so colorful! Like the Drowned Maid that is seen dripping wet with drooping hair. She has chattering teeth and crying eyes and she can be found haunting the House of the Golden Well. Yes! She was murdered! Many of the ghosts in Prague have colorful names and it appears that everyone knows the legends of these ghosts.

There are: The Iron Man; The Ghost of Miller’s Daughter; The Obese Merchant; The Begging Skeleton; The Mad Barber; The Fiery Turkey – yes, it’s a ghostly turkey that looks like it’s on fire; the Ghost of the French Major; the Headless Lady; The One Armed Thief; the Fish Eater of Stromovka Park and let’s not forget Karbourek the Water Sprite!

To fully enjoy the benefits of ghost hunting in Prague, you will need to spend 6 months there just to investigate everything!

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective

Source: CostaRicaTimes
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