Thursday, 6 March 2014


Recently, a close-minded sceptic posted a long wordy piece on my page which suggested (amongst other things) that the paranormal exists only in our minds, because human minds are flawed - unless you are a close-minded sceptic, of course.

The poster later deleted the post, and so I am not at liberty to discuss it further, but instead received correspondence from another close-minded sceptic, who reiterated part of the earlier poster`s comments with this message:

`I was shocked to see that you deleted the post by Xxxxxxx.  Don`t you allow free expression?  Science has proven that what you call ghosts are nothing more than the figment of your mind. Stop lying to these people, and accept science has all the answers`.

My reply:

`I didn`t delete the post. I responded to the comments he made, and because he didn`t like my response and had lost the argument, he deleted the post himself. This often happens when close-minded `sceptics` cannot accept that their arguments are flawed. It hurts their fragile ego.

What irritates me the most, is that people like you quote science as though it stands firmly on your side. 

It doesn`t. 

What you and others are suggesting is that science has reached it`s limit on paranormal research, and because of that, any further research into this subject is pointless because science has spoken.

Science is all about discovery and enlightenment. The two very same reasons I have dedicated my time to studying it. To suggest that science has drawn a line in the sand is ridiculous at best, and at worst, it is an attempt to control our beliefs and to hold back any opportunity of science actually proving you wrong.

I find people with close-minded attitudes to be less than scientific. In fact I can compare people like you with the religious zealots of old that imprisoned or executed scientists for suggesting that the world was round. 

Thank god that there are many people who view the subject quite differently. If there wasn`t, then I`m sure a group of people like you would be calling at our homes to burn us at the stake for heresy. That`s how I view you. Yesterday`s people trying to control the future. And I`m afraid that this isn`t going to happen.

Science is organic, it has a ceaseless quest for knowledge, and not as you would like to think, the last word on everything.`

Chris Halton

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