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September 27th, 2013 at 11pm GMT or 6pm EST, is the release of a new video, which is a joint collaboration with Adam Heath, and his own long established investigation team, (FPI) Forest Paranormal Investigations.

FPI investigate properties and locations around the Forest of Dean and also in the Wye valley on the English/Welsh borders. Their work can be found here on Youtube: Forestparanormal

FPI are primarily a technical team set up to investigate paranormal activity using varied proven techniques and methods. And as you will see, the presence of both Haunted Earth and FPI made an explosive investigation!

It is said that the divide between spirit and our world is less than the thickness of a cigarette paper. It is also said by others that there is no evidence of the paranormal.

That sentiment is understandable if the viewer bases his or her own experiences on some questionable video activities distributed on many sharing sites. But once in a while a very special video on the paranormal appears.

This video is of what at first seems to be a routine day investigation of a 17th century former coaching inn, known as `The Angel` hotel, of Coleford, Gloucestershire.

Invited by Adam & Paula Heath of (FPI) Forest Paranormal Investigations to share an investigation of a building which they have methodically mapped for activity over some considerable time.

Some of those earlier experiences are shown on screen during interviews with Adam, and two hotel workers. One, a girl called Abi, appears to be a favourite of `Jack`, as at varying points in this video he indicates that, and also in Part 2, where he actually calls her by name through a ghost box session.

Part 2 will be available within two weeks.


Youtube link - Suitable for most computers.

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Part One

After some minutes from the start inside the darkened `Magnums` night club, a presence made itself known by growling on camera, and then straight after by ripping off the front of an IR lamp which stood alone on a nearby shelf.
Some of the investigators. Left to right (facing)
Adam Heath (FPI), Chris Halton, Paula Heath (FPI)
Front kneeling - Sean Kim (Haunted Earth)
Very soon responses were recorded on three K2 EMF meters, and unbeknown to us at the time, EVP in the form of a man`s voice was recorded answering questions from the assembled investigators.

It had been previously established by FPI that this presence was a spirit of a man called, `Jack`, who doesn`t like male company, but clearly loved girls as he admits on this video in the form of an almost Class A EVP!

Throughout the long session with `Jack`, it was wholly apparent that we were dealing with a sentient being, clearly aware of us, and with the ability to interact.

In this soon to be released edited version of that long afternoon investigation, you will quite simply be amazed by the activity in this frenetic, and very haunted hotel.

Each room was just as fascinating as the next, and the activity did not wane at all.

Our next point of contact was with a previously identified spirit of a woman called, `Catherine`, and in her bedroom in the very haunted `Royal Rooms`, she makes intelligent contact with the earlier K2`s used to contact `Jack`. It`s worth noting that one of the K2`s was Haunted Earth`s own, and recorded reactions with the FPI, K2`s.

And after this intensive session we make our way to the next room where something unexpected is discovered on the hotel staircase ..

More video to share in Part 2 - Some Conversations With the Dead ..

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