Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Sometimes some very odd situations occur when the media cover a fire.
Here is a photograph taken by WGHP 8, at High Point, North Carolina, USA.  A pyromaniac has been setting things on fire all over the neighborhood which resulted in damaged and destroyed homes. The newsman for WGHP 8 had gone behind the townhouses to take a picture of the fire from the rear, and in doing so captured an image which at first glance looks quite unsurprising until you look inside the drawn circle on the left. Quite clearly you can see a fiery figure casually walking away.

Here is the same photograph - but more closer to the figure.

And here is a darkened version to show the fire object much more closely.

Is this merely the brain effect known as `pareidolia` , (where the human mind subconsciously redefines shapes into instantly recognisable objects) or was this a spiritual presence?

The sender points out that the figure appears to be holding a fiery staff of some description.

Whatever the true origins of the figure is, we will never know. But for the sake of one strange photograph, we have something quite remarkable.

My thanks to the submitter, Jeannie M.

Story: Chris Halton.

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