Monday, 2 September 2013


Extreme hauntings - The Angel Hotel, in Coleford, Gloucestershire.

During my recent trip down to meet our friends Adam and Paula Heath of Forest Paranormal Investigations (FPI) in the Forest of Dean, we visited the premises of  the historic Angel Hotel, in Coleford, Gloucestershire.

The hotel has been part of a long term study by FPI, who have interacted with a number of presences in the building, and one in particular who `resides` in a hotel room. The interview was not only fascinating, but offers to an open minded sceptic, the opportunity to see direct contact in action via three free-standing K2 EMF meters, which lit up when affirmative responses were registered through the units diode lights ..

Adam Heath (FPI) with the ruined IR light
During our daytime filming there, `unseen hands` in our presence literally trashed before our eyes in a darkened dance area, a large IR illuminator unit in the form of a flashlight. Our attention was drawn to the object by a loud crash as the lens and cover were thrown onto the floor. On closer examination, the internal electronics were ripped out and left hanging from the case. Nobody present were anywhere near the unit when it was damaged.

While there, we also performed a `Ghost Box` session which like the K2 incident produced a number of very interesting responses which will be included in the investigation video.

I have to admit, FPI`s usage of K2 meters is certainly not unproductive, and I will be using more of these devices on future investigations.

All in all, and with other investigations and visits to historic sites to shoot a documentary program, it has been a very productive weekend, and a real pleasure to be working with FPI who are seasoned professional investigators.  A full video of this investigation will be released soon.

I certainly  look forward to working with FPI on some future shoots.

Story: Chris Halton

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