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On the great chalk cliffs that range along the Kent coast near Folkestone, is the current site of the RAF Battle of Britain memorial at Capel-le-Ferne.

The coastline of Kent had played a vital role in the defence of Britain during many past european conflicts, and from the age of Bonaparte there was considerable military activity through both world wars.

The site had seen action during WW1 as an airship station, and during WW2 as an anti-aircraft gun battery.
Many civilians died in this area during WW2 during the frequent and heavy bombing raids, but it`s main role was during the Battle of Britain when every gun and every aircraft available fought a brave and heroic campaign against far superior enemy forces, that officially lasted from July 10th to October 31st 1940.

Although I can find no references to any ghostly history, people have apparently felt presences around the memorial, and particularly during quiet periods from tourist activity.

Recently, the site was visited by friends of Haunted Earth, who took a series of photographs.
As with many images taken on days out, the majority caught on camera what was actually seen at the time until this image was taken against the memorial.
Who is the little boy?
 In this image, you will see the photographer, Gill taking a picture of the marble memorial which, highly polished, has reflected from the stone. This accounts for the mass of tiny grey dots. To the right (facing) is her companion, Allan, and quite unexpectedly for both, the head of a small boy who appears to be `photo bombing` the image. (Bottom left).
The actual memorial wall the image was taken against
Both people present have said that this little boy wasn`t present when the image was taken, and for him to be in the image is impossible, as Gill stood within 2` of the the wall. They also state that this little boy was not seen at any point - before or after.
So who is the little boy?
I can find no history of him as a haunting, yet clearly here he is as in life - almost!
Allan has put a heavy gamma mix on the photograph and you`ll note that both adults faces are blurred, whilst the boy`s image has reacted quite differently. But still showing detail.
The image manipulated through a gamma setting.

Ghost or not, it`s your choice to decide. The photographer and her companion are respectable people and are genuine subscribers to the study of paranormal activity.
I personally believe their account, and hopefully, a spectral analysis of the history might one day reveal who this little boy was. And what is it with his eyes??

My thanks to Gill D and Allan S.

If you have a great story with photographs, please contact me.

Story: Chris Halton

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