Tuesday, 9 July 2013


This highly unusual, and perhaps weird re-integration of clouds captured on a camcorder has certainly left the experts baffled. As you can see, the clouds appear to be constantly reconfiguring themselves in one area.
This has led to much speculation across the internet, but fortunately the armchair experts have as always, `rallied to the call`.

The hypothesis range from (witty) `a glitch in the matrix`, to this wordy explanation, ` The ice crystals at the top of a storm are sometimes charged and oriented similar to LCDs. Every time there is lightning, the electrical field shifts, re-orienting the crystals and thus the manner in which they reflect light`.

My only concern with the latter theory is that the effect is contained tightly in one area. Add also the fact that it is something that has not been adequately explored and any theory tested.

So the jury may be out on this one, but until this is resolved, the theories will continue to run and run on this.

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