Monday, 1 July 2013


On Friday, our monthly magazine of investigations and events, compiled as the, `Haunted Earth Show` was released to the public via our Youtube and Vimeo platforms.
For those who may have missed it, here is the link to the viewing area:

Within the show was an investigation at Alresford Church, a ruin of a medieval building which was sadly burnt down in 1971.

What was really interesting, (apart from the EVP - one telling us to `Get out`), was right at the end.
There were only two investigators during the investigation, myself and team-member Deanne, yet clearly there was someone or something walking around us as I gave an end of investigation talk.
Add further a woman talking in the background as I spoke, then this was quite a catch.

An interesting footnote was the fact that the footsteps were on gravel. We were away from any gravelled area, and standing on grass.

As part of my policy to share significant incidents through our series, `Paranormal Shorts`, here is an abridged version below.

It is worth seeing the whole segment of this investigation from the main show video as included was something strange which occurred earlier at this location during our day visit.
As we were wandering around the ruins, at one spot we could smell something like mint, although it wasn`t quite mint. In a way, it smelt like a cross of odours between mint and cannabis.

Paranormal People - a Facebook based group later informed us that this too had been experienced by them on earlier visits. They ascribe the smell to a lady presence. Could it have been the same one that visited us at the end of the night shoot? To view the segment start at 40:23 in the main show here:

For those who may have missed this, I hope you enjoy.

Chris Halton

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