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HOUSTON -- There is a house off N. Wayside in northeast Houston that has a reputation -- for ghosts!
Angela Rhodes inherited the house from her parents, but she won't live in it. She refuses to be alone in the house, even in the daytime.
"It's an odd feeling. If I come in here I can be doing something and it's like something just following me," Rhodes said.
Neighbor Cynthia Coleman agreed.
"It's real spooky, creepy, uh, something is going on in there," Coleman said.
Rhodes called in John O'Dell and Yvonne Tallman who are paranormal investigators from Pasadena to check the place out.
O'Dell, a professional artist, is with The Other Side Paranormal Investigations. Tallman, a former carpenter, is with Pasadena Ghost Research Society.
They do not charge for their services.
"When my sister moved out she said she always heard kids running in this hallway," Rhodes said.
However, no kids lived in or around the house at the time.
She also reported other strange things like seeing flames in the bathroom that did not burn anything. She also said something or someone unseen constantly tries to draw her attention to a window in the den.
"Do you ever see a shadow," Tallman said.
"To be honest with you, I don't try to look for it," Rhodes said.
Rhodes allowed family friends to move into the empty house a few weeks ago. Soon they had strange reports too. They said a tea cup was the last straw.
"A cup just flew from the microwave to the sink," said Chris Smith, who lives in the house with his girlfriend and their children.
"Clearly, if a cup is falling off the middle of a microwave, there's something saying ‘leave,' " said Tiara Lawson, Smith's girlfriend.
She also said that same night a screen "flew" off a window and hit her on the arm. The family fled the house that night and called Rhodes.
The ghost hunters asked the family to leave the house on the night of their investigation and they spent three hours investigating using special recording devices.
Later, they shared their findings with the family.
On one audio recording Tallman asks, "Is Angela's mother here?"
A female voice whispers “yes."
Rhodes said she recognized the voice.
"I really did when she first played it. Sounded like my mother. Her name is Margaret. We call her Cookie," Rhodes said.
Her mother died in the house 14 years ago.
The investigators said the spirit of Rhodes mother is not alone in the house. On another recording they said, "You're scaring the family that lives here."
A male voice is heard saying “really."
The ghost hunters also said they captured sounds of someone stomping around, pulling down the attic stairway and saying, "bing bong," perhaps mimicking the sound of the front door alarm.
They said their recorders picked up the sounds while they were next door taking photographs of a vacant lot which they believe is haunted also.
The ghost hunters showed the family photographs of orbs and a strange mist captured on the vacant lot.
"Spirit wise, if (ghosts) don't have enough energy to actually show up as a full body apparition, a lot of times this is what they can do," Tallman said.
"If you see red orbs that's usually denoting of a more negative energy. Blue is more peaceful and white is more protective," O'Dell said.
They also said they captured an image of an entity in the hallway of the house that resembled something from the movie ‘Ghost Busters.’
"Okay that's green," Lawson said.
"Whatever it is -- need to be gone," Rhodes said.
She has had the house blessed twice.
The family friends who live there returned and said they feel better.
"I feel more comfortable," Smith added, "but spirits are real for the people that think spirits are not real."
Rhodes said she feels better too, but she fears it is only temporary.
"I still feel it's -- that bad spirit is still there somewhere waiting to do whatever it is here to do," Rhodes said.


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