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Zombies and vampires may be popular in Hollywood, but their supernatural antics should come with a warning after ghostly injuries cost ACC almost $25,000 in the last five years.

ACC claims data shows the agency paid out $24,834 to just over 23 people between 2008 and 2012 for ghost, vampire and zombie-related harms.

Most of the money was paid out in 2010, with six claimants receiving varying shares of $20,696.

''There's no need to be afraid; if a ghostly figure has you hiding under the covers ACC also has you covered ... for any accident related injuries,'' an ACC spokeswoman said.

''If your goblin's hoblin' or the little vampire broke a tooth playing badminton, ACC provides a range of supports to ensure they're back to their scary best in no time. After all a fiend in need is a fiend indeed.''

Many of the unearthly injuries were the result of preventable accidents, she said.

''Most people are injured in and around the home so remember ... the safest place in your house for a zombie is the living room.''

Explanations for the paranormal injuries included:

- Being chased by a zombie at Spookers; turned and hit pole and flipped over fence

- Playing 'zombies' at school; crashed into pole

- Playing ghosts; tripped and fell

- Accidentally put arm through window telling ghost story

- Crawling under bed to find ghost; hit head on bed

- Fell off stage during ghost tour

- Playing ghost tag; bumped into dishwasher

- Playing ghosts with sister; had a sheet over head and banged jaw

- Walking like a zombie in hallway; slipped on carpet and twisted ankle sideways

- Banged forehead on door frame when pretending to be a ghost (wearing a blanket)

- Theme park ghost ride; was thrown from side to side causing a horrible pain in neck

- Removing face paint/make-up after zombie party; pain in eye while removing - worsened following morning

- Knocked by flying vampire; struck head

- Fell on concrete while playing zombies

New Zealand's ghostly injury toll:

2008 - $2019 (excluding GST) to four claimants

2009 - $577 to five people

2010 - $20,696 to six people

2011 - $1,123 to less than three people (the exact number could not be revealed to avoid possible identification of the claimant)

2012 - $419 to eight people

Source: ThePress(NZ)

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