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Ed Gein
An area man has quite the collection. he runs a store just outside Janesville. He sells antiques, collectibles, and junk! But he's hoping one item will eventually bring him a big pay day.

“Well a lot of people think since I have so much stuff here they say is this guy a hoarder?”

Huey Long has a lot of stuff.

“This is actually a World War II bomb,”

Some of it is pretty cool.

“The first snow mobile,”

And some is downright creepy.

“My wife sold a cat, a dried up cat, a mummified cat, on eBay for $160.50,”

But this is Huey's weirdest possession.

“Odd ball stuff would be like the headstone of Ed Gein,”

This is the second headstone of Wisconsin killer Ed Gein.

“There's a lot of people who come in here that are grossed out by it but they have to touch it,” said Long laughing. “They have to touch the headstone but some people won't touch it whatsoever,”

Gein was a convicted murderer known for his grisly crimes in the 1950 and 60s

“When his mother died, Ed went crazy,” said Long “Like the movie Silence of the Lambs was based upon Ed Gein...Texas Chainsaw Massacre was based upon Ed Gein,”

House of Horror - Ed Gein`s home
He died in 1984 and was buried in a cemetery in his hometown of Plainfield.

“That little town gets thousands of visitors every year to visit Ed Gein's grave

The original headstone was vandalized, stolen,eventually found and placed in a museum in Waushara county.

Officials decided to leave his grave unmarked. But someone built a replacement.

“It's drawn blood on my at least three times before because of the nails on the backside,” said Long. “People always ask me why do they have nails on there? And I say to keep Ed down,”

A few years ago, someone brought the stone into Huey's store on Highway 14 just outside Janesville. After checking with authorities to make sure he could legally buy the stone, he went ahead and made the deal.

“I'm hoping someday to put it on it's own internet site and see what kind of money I can get for the headstone,” he said.
“I've been offered $3,000 from a person in Chicago but I turned it down because I believe it's worth more,”

The stone is relic from a dark time in Wisconsin's history but it's history that could be worth some money.

“The reason i'm in this business is treasure hunting, I enjoy going out there and finding that treasure,”

Long's business is located on Highway 14 just outside of Janesville in the unincorporated town of Emerald Grove.

Source: NBC15

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