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One of the greatest and unproven fallacies of paranormal dogma, is that spiritual presences leave an EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) signature, of which a number of adapted devices can detect.

When I say, `adapted`, I am of course referring to those electronic items not only used by trades folk for use in their respective trades, but also apparently in paranormal investigation.

A classic item that fits this description is an obvious, the EMF meter. I've used a K2 meter (and others) for a number of years in order to prove/disprove their effectiveness.

There have certainly been occasions where I have been in the middle of a psychic event, and the K2 has failed to register any EMF interaction. And on the other hand, I have had even fewer events where they have registered.

So are we to presume spirits have on/off EMF output, or is there something else at play?

To answer this, one would have to suggest that spirit has an ability to manipulate EMF readings when necessary. An example being interactive Q&A sessions where the EMF registers meter reactions as straightforward yes/no responses.

I have seen that a few times, and on one now infamous occasion, the K2 reacted to morse code being recorded on camcorder, as you can see here in this clip from my files.

And on another occasion, an EMF was used in my own home by a young paranormal investigator, and she received some positive responses to questions, as in this clip from my files here.

                                             Extract from `The Haunted Earth Show`, December 2012

BUT from there the EMF meter (from my perspective) is an overhyped device, which reveals only what spirit wants you to experience. These failed sessions are numerous, and of course are mostly unrecorded as they have proven to be of limited use.

And now another device that utilises EMF`s has appeared on my researchers horizon.
The `Inductive Amplifier` is essentially a small handheld device for use in the telecommunications and IT world.

An Inductive Amplifier - there are many different makes
It is used to detect wire and cable installations, and normally works with a tone generator.
The generator emits a 60hz buzz, and is useful in locating wiring from behind a wall.

Essentially, all the device is, is an induction coil fitted to a simple amplifier.

Some pretty incredible claims have been made as to its usefulness, but to balance these claims you have to accept that in many cases, those that support their success in paranormal research are mostly those connected to it`s sale or development as a paranormal tool.

The theory here is that spirits may actually produce RF – radio frequency (EMF) instead of AF – audio frequencies when they speak. Even though the propagation method is different – alternating current instead of wave pressure, the actual frequencies in use are the same, therefore it's simply a matter of converting the RF back into AF, much like a radio does.

Of course, the `research` to support this contention lies within the adaptation of this device for paranormal work. And again the figures just don't add up!

Any sound emitted by this device would destroy any EVP recorded, thus rendering it`s usage at `0`. Many grand claims made by `paranormal researchers` cannot be substantiated, which is much in accord with many other devices that are flooding a hungry paranormal obsessed market.

As with my earlier warnings regarding  `junk science`, you should adopt these few basic rules into your investigations.


1) Keep numbers of investigators small. And I really do mean small. By keeping investigators to no more than three or four, you stand a far greater chance than groups well in excess of those numbers. It really is that simple. Genuine EVP can be separated easily from team members, especially if the group is divided between two locations.

I have seen as much as 20 people in one group of investigators, and that simply isn`t going to work if the premise is to encounter the paranormal. Also, (and here is a presumed psychology of spirit) they mostly from experience tend to be less active or even dormant when there are many people running around carrying an array of `ghost detection` equipment.

2) Avoid supposed, `open minded sceptical investigators`. The psychology here is that many are negative and closed to the presence of spirit. That negativity will be felt when you are on an investigation, and not just by you, but also by spirit who tend to shy away from close minded people. Which might explain why these individuals will denounce anything you share online. These are generally easy to spot. They boast about their supposed intellect, and sometimes have some weak college degree in an unrelated subject to bolster their self-assumed `intellectual superiority`. Not only are these people borish, they are generally quite the reverse to what they think they are. And often it is all a front to conceal their deepest fears.
Genuine intellectuals are by their scientific curiosity much more open to the prospect of an existence beyond this life, and mostly are prepared to meet believers half-way to understand their belief mechanisms and evidence. They may conclude a different belief to your own, but at least they were persuaded to listen.

3) Avoid anyone potential member who is aggressive and hostile. If their presence puts you off, you can imagine what it will do for spirit!  If you think that being macho is going to draw through more spiritual presences, think again. I realise that Tv shows like, `Ghost Adventures` seems cool to some people, but if you carry on in the character of Zac Bagans, you are more likely to walk away with hot air and nothing more. What you see onscreen is `reality tv`, which sadly is often very unreal having been made for gullible followers.

4) Do not, repeat, do not allow cell or mobiles to be switched on in any investigation - regardless as to whether they are in `silent mode`. You'll end up with lots of buzzing sounds on your nightshot cam, and even worse, the temporary loss of picture. If you cannot (for various reasons) investigate without the phone being switched on, then you should find some other interest to pre-occupy your time with.

5) Keep the camcorder on anyone who is talking on investigation. This has three reasons.
a) You`ll know which is real EVP and which is not by virtue of the fact that you`ll have your team members voice as a record, b) Experience shows that EVP is sometimes more prevalent when someone is talking rather than maintaining total silence. c) Often, incidents occur around the speaker/medium.

6) The secret success of any exercise in life, is to keep things as simple as possible. The more convoluted your organisation is, the greater the risk of matters going wrong. Stick to the basics, and particularly so with equipment you are using. I use a night camcorder (which also acts as a tape recorder - very successfully) and mostly my own senses to `feel` activity. We can all do this, as we are all `fitted` with sensory perception. Just be aware it is there, and can be used. And of course,  essentials, comprising of a flashlight/torch and digital still camera. More equipment than necessary means more potential issues if it decides to go wrong.

7) Show respect when talking to spirit. Just like real life they have feelings (believe it or not), and by showing a common courtesy and respect you often receive more positive results.
If you don't believe that, check out any of my big investigations.

8) Avoid taking drugs or alcohol either prior to or during an investigation. Your senses are the best tools in your armoury of equipment. Don`t dull them.

9) Try to ensure that if you run a group, and however small (remember - small is cool) that you have representation of either sex. Sometimes on location spirit will react in preference to one sex over another.

10) Lastly, whenever possible get permission to enter a location to shoot. We have all entered abandoned sites without permission, because often the owners will not grant that permission. And many locations are `off limits` to investigators. From the perspective of `having a peace of mind`, it`s far better knowing you can be there, rather than some redneck type turning up and waving a shotgun around and telling you the police are coming. And I've been there too!

Article: Chris Halton

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