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Haunted - The house in St. James, N.Y
After escaping media attention when her husband died in a tragic 2005 blaze, the widow of a Bronx firefighter said she moved into a haunted home in Long Island.
Jeanette Meyran, 53, moved her two daughters to a secluded bungalow in St. James, N.Y., the year after her husband, Lt. Curtis Meyran, leaped to his death instead of burning alive in the 'Black Sunday' fire. Though she hoped for a fresh start in the two-story house, Meyran said she and her kids were terrorized by a demon after they made renovations in the 'Paranormal Witness' season three premiere on SyFy.
'In your wildest dreams, did you ever think rebuilding a home would cause such devastation?' Meyran said in the 'Paranormal Witness' episode 'The Long Island Terror'.

Lt. Curtis Meyran, leaped to his death instead of
burning alive in the 'Black Sunday' fire. 
Meyran and her family believe the haunting is linked to the house's first owners. During renovations, her husband's friends found an 86-year-old diary describing satanic rituals with animal sacrifices.
'The pages seemed to be written by the young girl that was the daughter of someone who lived in the house,' described Meyran. 'I saw the name Christina. I realized that she was only a few years older than my own daughters.'
Meyran said the diary was 'an incredibly dark story'.
'She would talk about her father. There were sacrifices. "He hurt me again" or "He hurts the animals. They're bleeding and I bleed like they bleed",' Meyran said. 'These people were sick. This is what went on in this house.'

But Meyran and her daughters came to the house to escape other demons.
After her husband died, Meyran said New York City media were relentless in trying to get interviews from her and her kids.
'I said maybe we should find some small place where we could maybe escape from this, away from the city, away from the cameras, and hopefully they'll find some peace,' said Meyran.'We just wanted to be left alone,' Danine Meyran, now 15, said on the show.
'I began to see this was a new way to give them a new life,' she said.

They moved from their home in Malverne, N.Y., to a small house in on an acre of Suffolk County forest that needed some work and her husband's firefighter friends were happy to help out. Afraid of looters during  construction, they installed cameras.
Watching one of the camera feeds in 2006, Meyran saw a man in the woods surrounded her house.
'Right in the middle of the frame I saw what appeared to be a man,' Meyran said. 'It made no sense.'
The paranormal occurrences continued. Starting in 2007, her daughters heard thumps and knocking that appeared to be coming from the walls in the middle of the night.
'It's new to us, we have to learn the sounds of the house,' Meyran remembered thinking of her daughters' experience.
Jeanette Meyran and her two daughters,
 Danine, left, and Angela, right
Danine and Angela Meyran, now 18, found a pentagram—as well as bones and teeth—in the woods. While fixing up the basement, Meyran's husband's friends also found a pentagram etched into the concrete floor.

When Angela was home alone one night, she became terrified when the kitchen was apparently ransacked by a ghost or spirit.
'My mom had left me alone in the house. She had given me instructions when she left that she wanted to clean up,' Angela explained on the show. 'And I just remember feeling like I wasn't alone. I looked back behind me a couple of times and there was nobody there.I couldn't shake this feeling of having somebody watching me and it was really starting to bother me.'
When Meyran came home, she said she saw every cabinet and every drawer out.
'The place looked like it had been ransacked,' Meyran said. 'Was someone trying to hurt us? Was someone physically here?'
The family heard whispers in the walls, some calling out their names. Meyran and her daughters also described how Danine was trapped by something in the house.
'It looked like she was having a seizure she was so frightened,' Meyran said, adding that she heard noises that 'sounded like someone was performing a ritual'.

Meyran and her daughters called out for their dead husband and father.
'This is the time more than anything that I needed my dad, that I needed him to be there,' Danine said. 'I knew that if he was there, everything would just be fine.'
'How do you protect you children? How can you fight what you can't see?' Meyran said.
'I felt something evil. I was so frightened,' Meyran said, describing another encounter.
In 2008, they hired a priest to get rid of any paranormal activity, but the holy water he gave the family didn't help.

While trying out her new phone's camera, Jeanette 
captured what she believes to be the 
silhouette of her dead husband
The next year Angela went outside to go on the swings. She and Meyran said something pushed her off the swing, causing her to break her ankle.
Angela also saw something in her bedroom mirror.
'I saw a black figure that kind of stepped out of my mirror. What could I do? I couldn't run,' said Angela, who added she hid under her bed. 'It smelled like death.'

Following this incident, Meyran took her daughters to her mother's house and called a paranormal investigator, Liz Milano, early in the morning.
'They had so much tragedy in their life with their dad and her husband and then this thing creeps in and takes over,' said Milano on the show.
Along with a psychic medium, Milano said she cleansed the house with kosher salt,sage and a blessing in 2011.
'It was like a battle. I heard chanting, I heard screaming,' Meyran said.
Meyran and her family said the blessing worked.
They still live in the house and cleanse it every three months, Meyran told The New York Post.
Sometimes they still see ghosts.
'I see my dad in this house walking through the hallways checking on us. It’s nice to know he’s watching,' Angela told the Post.

Source: DailyMail

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