Friday, 28 June 2013


Xstream Paranormal with owner of museum, Gordon Boswell
A little girl’s laughter sent shivers down the spine of the most cynical members of a paranormal team visiting a museum in Spalding.

Xstream Paranormal visited in Gordon Boswell Romany Museum in Clay Lake on Saturday night because “it seemed like an interesting location”.

Three of the Gypsy caravans on display - haunted by a child?
Vivien Powell, one of the members, said she knew it was going to be a good night because even before the equipment was set up things started happening.

She said: “It’s just a hobby for us, but some members of our technical team are really cynical about what we do.

“But even before we got set up some members of the group who are unbelievers said they could hear a little girl giggling. It was an amazing place – we were gobsmacked (amazed).”

Museum owner Gordon Boswell said he couldn't believe some of the things that happened that night.

He said: “When I bought a Romany caravan from down south I was asked if I would take on the ‘little girl’ too.

“I’ve seen her a couple of times, but on Saturday I heard her giggling.

“The team said there was a lot of paranormal activity. At one time a small table started rocking and then it did a somersault. I couldn't believe it.”

Vivien said: “We've already asked if we can go back.”

Story: SpaldingToday

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