Sunday, 10 June 2012


Starting Tuesday 19th June 2012, the first of a new live broadcast and show is beamed directly from my own very actively haunted home across the internet world.

Recently I decided to open my home to investigative teams from across Britain and Europe to come and experience the activity that I have been filming and sharing over a number of years.
On some occasions in the past I broadcasted live activity for viewers and followers of my work to experience for themselves, and much was captured and shared by the viewers.

On the night I will be joined at 9pm with intrepid investigators that have travelled to the house from as far afield as Germany, and in the UK from Bristol, for a night to dawn investigation which starts with an introductory talk covering the haunted history of the house (it used to be a police station), and later at 10pm the main investigation with a live feed from the core haunted area, the main master bedroom.

I`m hopeful to be able to take the camera around the house to share activity from other rooms, and of course, a chat with the guests.

This promises to be a unique experience for all involved, and an opportunity for you to also join us at a later date to perform your own televised investigation.

If you want to join in yourself at a later date, here is some background information.

The cost is only £20 per head as an introductory offer to join us.
Included with the package are free tea/coffee and biscuits, and full access to the active areas of this detached property.

My home is very unique in as much that I have built up a rapport with some of the activity present, and there is the added bonus that the master bedroom appears to be a portal with many types of activity occurring there.

Throughout the night I will be there to assist the teams, update the feed and to help in the investigation.

I know there are similar properties claimed to be very active, but this house is very positively haunted and activity is guaranteed.

If you would like to join, please email me @ chrishalton(at), or write to me at
Facebook. The property is located near to Braintree and Witham in Essex.

Here are some videos from this house. The full list is many!

Thanks For Making This Possible! Kindly Bookmark and Share it.

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