Friday, 15 June 2012


Lacey Turner, who of course shot to fame in her EastEnders role as Stacey Slater, has revealed that she believes she’s had messages from beyond the grave from her grandmother.

In an interview with the Radio Times about her current role in Sky paranormal drama Bedlam, and about her forthcoming new drama Switch, which is about modern-day witches living in London, Lacey explained, “I was four when [my Nan] died and her name was Amelia, which is my middle name…

“But we called her Nanny Leo because her dog was called Leo.

“I’ve been to see mediums and they’ve said, ‘Your Nan’s here’ and sometimes I do think that I’ve been with her.”

However, of visits to psychic mediums, Lacey often wondered how much information about her life they’d possibly gleaned from internet searches about her…

She said, “Some things they say I think, ‘Hmm… Googled.’”

Nonetheless, Lacey – whose sister Lily stars in EastEnders as Shenice, the little girl Kat and Alfie Moon have taken in – added, “I was at an awards do once… I felt a hand on my shoulder and there was no one there.

“I don’t know if you make yourself believe it, but I do think she was there.”

In addition to her aforementioned roles in Bedlam and Switch, since leaving EastEnders, Lacey’s name has become synonymous with paranormal and supernatural drama, given that she’s also starred in Being Human and played the doctor’s bride in BBC3’s drama Frankenstein’s Wedding.

We’re also about to see her starring alongside former Doctor Who actor David Tennant in the BBC’s improvised drama, True Love, which debuts on Sunday at 10.25pm on BBC1.

Source: UnrealityPrimetime

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