Sunday, 24 June 2012


Whilst checking the daily plethora of alleged ghostly or ghost related news, I came across this plain but simple image of a young girl, perhaps no more than 5 or 6 years old and wearing what appears to be a party dress.
The photograph was taken by a photographer named Ricardo J. Méndez Castro, and was discovered on a shot taken at an old T.B (tuberculosis) hospital.

Here is an explanation offered by the photographer,
"Just today, I noticed this image on the corner of another one of my photographs from the abandoned asylum for tuberculosis patients. I don't know how it got there, and I'd love to read any pointers you might give on how it might have occurred. (Odd looking little dress she's wearing, isn't it?)"

He later added, "Very rarely I comment on my own photos before other people do, but I wanted to expand on the technical details.
As I mentioned, I still don't know how the image of the child got there. Could a brief reflection of someone on the doorway have caused it? Would such a reflection be so defined, on a long exposure image?
Another theory that we considered was that some sort of double-exposure might have occurred when printing the image (since the camera is a Rebel 2000, set on advancing one frame at a time), but the child appears on the negative as well".

The image was captured on a Canon EOS Rebel 2000, Kodak TRI-X Pan 400, Canon 50 mm, f1.8.
Some suggested it may have been a double exposure, but this was eliminated as a probable cause on discussion. The photographer appears to be an urban explorer, and not a paranormal investigator.
 The banding effect was caused by blinds which were present.
What do you think?

Image copyright of Ricardo J. Méndez Castro
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