Sunday, 3 June 2012


CLEVELAND - The members of the West Side Masonic Lodge in Cleveland have reported many strange, possibly paranormal, activities in their building.
So who you going to call? ORBS, or Ohio Researches of Banded Spirits, Ohio’s top paranormal team.
They came with high-end sophisticated scientific tools for recording and sensing energy, like night vision cameras, digital voice reporters and thermal imaging equipment.
This group, which has been featured on Animal Planet’s “The Haunted” is honored to be invited to investigation the claims of the very private and secretive masons. Members claim to see shadow people in the balconies, hear the organ mysteriously playing and report women have been attacked, with doors slammed on them in a hallway.
“The building actually comes alive at night when nobody’s in here, except for a few people. So we just kind of want to check out the reports and see if we can validate it for them,” said Chris Page, founder of ORBS.
The thought is that the old freemasons are still haunting the hall. The team said that 90 percent of the time voices and images appear when they play back and analyze their recordings.

Source: Channel5 

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