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Kevin Maley, a partner with Strutt & Parker, Inverness, tells OPP Connect, “Castle Grant was launched to the market in the spring and generated a significant amount of interest from buyers across the globe including America, Australia, Russia and Singapore.

“Those who did view the castle were fascinated by the history of it and the fact that it was purportedly haunted by the ghost of Lady Barbara Grant, not to mention the misfortune of many of the previous owners.

“The new owner is already planning on spending a significant amount on refurbishing the castle and grounds and it is reassuring to know that the ancient, ancestral seat of the Chiefs of the Grant Clan is in safe hands.”

Castle Grant was repossessed by the Bank of Scotland last year and was bought by Mr Whyte and his then wife Kim or £720,000 in 2006, media reports say.

The 35-acre Castle Grant grounds include a landscaped loch. It is the former seat of the Clan Grant chiefs of Strathspey in Highlands, and was originally named Freuchie Castle, but was renamed Castle Grant in 1694.

Lady Barbara Grant was the daughter of a 16th-century laird. She is said to have died of a broken heart after being imprisoned in a hidden closet for falling in love with the wrong man and legend has it that she died there of a broken heart.

Witnesses later claimed to have seen her ghost coming through the door of the closet, stopping and appearing to wash her hands, before disappearing through the door of the tower.

Story: opp-connect

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