Tuesday, 26 August 2014


The entrance to the hall.
Spooky goings-on at Kier, who might be the only listed building firm to have a haunted headquarters — at Tempsford Hall in Bedfordshire.

Staff have reported strange happenings in the basement of the hall, which was originally built in 1769 and then sold to Kier in 1964.

According to local lore, back in 1848 a mysterious white figure was seen and a man in mourning robes looking at roses. Not to mention loud bangs and furniture moving around of its own accord.

New chief executive Haydn Mursell, who took over in July, says he hasn’t seen anything yet though...


The original hall was built in 1769 for Sir Gillies Payne; it remained in the Payne family until 1824 when it was sold to Colonel William Stuart. 

Following a fire the house was rebuilt in 1898 and in 1933 Kathleen Wynne, who had been born a member of the Stuart family, inherited the house from a distant relative. 

During World War II it was used by the Special Operations Executive as an agent reception and pre-flight preparation centre.  After the War it was acquired by Henry Hales who used it as a clinic until 1964 when he sold it to its present owners, Kier Group.

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