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Occasionally, followers of my Facebook page, or here on the Haunted Earth blog are kind enough to share video or photographs of activity captured either at home, or in some ancient locations.

Here is a report from Angela B, who is able to share some background into the activity caught in her family home. She has given me permission to share this.

`Here are two pictures that my son took while messing with my camera, would love to know what you think  no one smokes in the house and although he took a number of pictures these were the only two that had a strange mist type. He never saw anything while taking the pictures and he was the only person (other than the dog) in the room. 

I live on a pretty new council estate in Blackpool (Mereside) when my parents moved in only two other people lived in the house and from what we've been told there's been no deaths in the house. 

As kids living here we heard the toilet seat slam down we thought it was our dad (as he was a prankster). We've seen a black cat,which I felt walk up my legs to my chest, then felt it do the paw thing they do when they get cozy..we didn't have a cat at the the time. 

My dad was laid up (back) and saw soldiers walk straight past (he didn't believe in ghosts) and said he must of just been seeing things due to the pain in is back. 

In the same room my mum was dragged by her feet by something,in the same room she saw a Victorian girl aged about 13/14 at the foot of her bed and she said (nanna) when my grandad past heard him say angela (behind) me. One christmas I was wrapping my children's christmas presents and I saw from the corner of my eye a little blonde boy in modern clothes peeking round the door frame. 

My mum saw two (modern) kids boy and girl sat in my wardrobe...when my son was about 15 he saw the same (Victorian) girl and got 3 scratches on his arm (one long one in the middle and two small) either side,my teenage daughter got the same on her face and her friend who stayed the same night had the same on her leg....There's so much but think this is enough although my youngest daughter can ask for spirits to come near her and there will be balls of light next to her.`

Here a ghostly form manifests itself

An amazing capture as the spiritual form rises
If you have something similar to share in either photographs or video, and wish to share.
Please contact me (Chris Halton) at my Facebook page or here. I can guarantee your anonymity if you require total confidentiality.

Story: Chris Halton

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