Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Busey (left) Reveals All

Gary Busey fans were left worried by his somewhat erratic interview on the way into the Celebrity Big Brother house on Monday (18 August).

But their concerns over the actor showed no signs of being appeased after he sensationally claimed he was visited by the ghost of his late Point Break co-star Patrick Swayze just days before he entered the TV show.

Speaking to Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan and Gogglebox’s George Gilbey, he explained that he developed a connection to the spiritual world after his heart briefly stopped following treatment for a motorcycle accident in 1988.

“He came through me the other day... Patrick Swayze's spirit came right through me...,” he said, leaving his fellow housemates bemused.

“And my father's spirit came right through me. I've been to the other side, after my death after brain surgery... So I have a connection to that spiritual world.”
“I don't know if I would want that connection,” a dumbfounded Gilbey responded.

“It's a divine connection,” Busey continued.  “Nothing's bad unless you want it to be... you gotta take it the way it is or you won't get it.”

Did Swayzes` Ghost Contact Busey?
Swayze and Busey famously starred opposite each other in 1991 movie Point Break, which saw Keanu Reeves in the lead role.

Swayze passed away in 2009 after suffering from cancer.

Elsewhere during the evening, Kellie Maloney opened up to White Dee about the doubts she had going public with her gender transition in the Big Brother house.

“I wanted to transition very privately,” she said. “I'm a very private person... Tonight, an hour before I came in here, I was like: ‘I can't do this.’ I cracked, I was crying.”

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