Sunday, 6 October 2013


Here is a `taster` for Part 2 of our fantastic daytime investigation with our friends FPI,  at the Angel Hotel, Coleford, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

In Part 1 you saw some amazing activity captured during two EMF sessions using three K2 meters.
One of the two spiritual presences in Part 1 was a man named, `Jack` who had a penchant for very young girls,  and enjoyed voicing his opinions.

In Part 2, during a `ghost box` session in another hotel room, Jack comes through loud and clear, and soon voices more disapproval through demands to leave and swearing. In fact, lots of swearing!

The full Part 2 video will be available very shortly from links on this blog to our hosting sites at Youtube and Vimeo.

Hope you enjoy this short preview.

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