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One of the unexplained objects
Ghosthunters are to be brought in by farm bosses after they found unexplained objects on new CCTV cameras.

Slough Fort Farm and Stables, in Allhallows Leisure Park, installed the equipment after several animals were attacked.

But what staff have spotted on their cameras late at night has left them spooked - so now paranormal investigators are taking a look.

Strange glowing white objects have popped up, floated around and darted across the CCTV screen.

Co-owner Karla Ditton said the objects are not animals, because they do not light up on the camera, and they move too fast to be birds.
She said: "We just don't know what they are. It's all just really weird and unusual."

The farm is set in the grounds of Slough Fort, which dates back to the 19th century.

The tunnels of the fort, which was designed to guard against invasion by Napoleon, were dug up and cleared last year after being filled for more than 50 years.

Animals at the farm include horses, skunks, tortoises, rabbits, ducks, goats and micro pigs.

The farm has been approached by Essex Paranormal, which wants to investigate.

Farm staff are considering staying there for the night and seeing for themselves what is going on.

Intrigued villagers have also expressed interest in visiting for a night.

Medway is fertile ground for spooky goings-on.

Perhaps the most famous tale is of the Ghost of Blue Bell Hill. Many drivers have reported the figure of a young woman appearing suddenly in the path of their vehicle late at night.

Terrified that they have hit her, drivers have got out to investigate, only to find no trace of a body.

Source: KentOnLine

My view:

I`ve looked at the video repeatedly. There are white amorphous blobs which pulsate and look interesting, but you have to consider that these are caught on a CCTV which moves at a much slower frame rate.
You`ll notice this effect better as small anomalies moving quickly appear as long extended bars.
What you are looking at are merely late season bugs flying very closely to the camera lens.
Because the camera lacks true definition, the bugs appear as these out of focus blobs. There is nothing paranormal in these clips, but it does not mean to say that the location isn't actively haunted.
The site has an historical past, but any attempt to link that to this activity is spurious.
Sad that the media have picked up a non news story, and have attempted to `puff` it up into something that it clearly isn`t. Why post stories as weak as this when there are far more REAL stories and events being captured and shared on the internet?  

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