Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Outside the home of George Bernard Shaw
Coming very soon in the May 2013 edition of the `Haunted Earth Show`.

`Ghosts of Olde England`..

In this investigation we visit a village with a haunted legacy, with some ghosts of very famous people!

Here is a clip from the show showing a very unusual light anomaly as it `fell` from the tree above, and was absorbed into my left hand!
This is phenomena that I normally see on night investigations. The fact that it was captured in daylight is very odd.

I`ve ruled out `bugs` whether large or small. We don`t have a species of insect that drops out of the sky with no movement from it`s wings (impossible - as insects fly with a jerky side motion).

The camcorder burns directly to a hard drive, and doesn`t glitch like DV tape machines often do.

It appeared to enter my hand (it never fell below it) and it looks like it had a dark central band.
I never felt or saw anything.

The village of Ayot St Lawrence is a very lovely, yet spiritually `odd` feeling village. There is quite a lot of activity in this place, and it`s certainly worth a day visit!

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