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Old Red House Pub - about to be demolished after 168 years existence 

A 19th Century "haunted" pub has been marked for demolition to make way for a housing development.

Daventry District Council granted permission to develop the derelict Old Red House Pub site by the A43 near Hannington on Thursday.

More than 300 people have signed a petition to save the "landmark".

Campaigner Clorissa Paul said the group was disappointed at the council decision "but won't give in".

Ms Paul, who lives near the village, said the pub was built circa 1845 when it was known as the Green Man. It then became The Old Red House before being named Henry's of Hannington.

Closed for about the last nine years, it has fallen victim to vandalism and disrepair.

The Old Red House today
BHC Architects said in its planning application it intended to "demolish the existing structures" and "design better and alternative buildings" consisting of three residential properties and garages.

Ms Paul, who leads the Save the Old Red House Campaign, said: "We always thought the previous owner would restore the building but only recently discovered new owners wanted to demolish it, that's why we've only just begun taking action.

"We will ask to meet the boss of the developers to seek a compromise, but so far he has refused to talk to us."

Ms Paul said her campaign group would not give in "until the last brick falls".

The disused pub is rumoured to be haunted by a ghost in the cellar and surrounded by spectres of those who have died on the A43.

Adrian Perkins, a paranormal researcher based in Nether Heyford, has given his support to the pub campaign.

He said he had heard rumours about ghosts at the pub and would be keen to investigate.

"I've not seen any factual evidence of the building's paranormal credentials but the number of alleged sightings must be based on something," he said.

"It's been derelict for so many years I can understand people saying something needs to be done as it's an eyesore.

"It's just a shame its not something that would benefit the local community."

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