Friday, 31 May 2013


Two great investigations at two historic locations

Tonight`s show for Friday, May 31st 2013. Time: 2200 GMT/2300/CEST/1700 EST

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Vimeo is the new main showpage for Haunted Earth Tv.
Our old presence on Youtube will still remain, and although originally I decided to halt any further shares there, it is abundantly clear that many new people are joining the Youtube page unaware of the new move.
In order to respond to this, I will post anything shared on the Vimeo site with Youtube, but some days after the Vimeo show. Hopefully, the new viewers (and some old) on Youtube will follow the transition.

Welcome to our show for May 2013, and presented by Chris Halton.

In the May edition, just two (full) investigations.

1) Some Ghosts of Olde England

Ayot St Lawrence is a leafy, pleasant village set amid the Hertfordshire countryside. But unlike most English villages, Ayot has some impressive haunted buildings, and some famous past residents.
Join Chris Halton as he explores this unusual environment, and later with the team as they return after dark to conduct their own paranormal investigations.

2) On a Trail of a Poltergeist

Join us as we are called into an ancient Essex pub that has allegedly experienced poltergeist activity!
Although we never met with any poltergeist, some strange EVP was captured on cam..

THIS EMBEDDED LINK WILL BE LIVE AT 2200 (10pm) GMT (British Summer Time)

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