Friday, 22 February 2013


A big rig was spotted hauling a haunted house through Iowa this week.

Tuesday morning, the ghosts of the Maple Grove Hill House got to take a road-trip down the highway. The historical haunted house was witnessed en-route on its way to its new destination in southern Jasper County.

The mansion avoided demolition thanks to its new owner, Sherri Meeker. Meeker, purchased the historical house for $2,000, although it was nearly $90,000 to move it. Meeker has plans to restore the home and part of the restoration process involved moving it to a new location in Jasper County.

The Maple Grove Hill house was built in 1865 by Joseph Grayson Long for his family. The house is also known as the J.G. and Regina Long House. Maple Grove Hill, got its name because the Longs planted maple trees on the property.

The house has had a reputation for being haunted for over a hundred years. The question that everyone is wondering is, will the ghosts move with the home?


In many previous cases where old, and allegedly haunted properties have been moved, the occupants have followed. Take some special open air museums which have re-erected ancient dwellings that were in threat of demolition. There have from some been reports of spectral activity. 

Spirit is very much linked not only to sites known in life, but also the buildings which still hold an appeal for them.

A few years ago (2010), I visited such a site, Den Gamle By, `The Old Town`, at Aarhus in Denmark. There were some recorded EVP`s from the visit, which were shared on a full video with a Danish friend who knew the site well.
For those of you with some time on your hands, here is the actual video.

The EVP was recorded inside a tobacco shop exhibit. (Listen from: 05:09 and 06:46)

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