Friday, 1 February 2013


On this video, you can hear from 0:20 the very clear but faint sound of a child calling for it`s mother.
The voice sounds very desperate and persistent.

Here is what the poster says:

`A recording on a mobile phone with no other sounds involved of what sounds like a childs voice moaning.

The slight knocking in the phone against the window and the creaking is the blind against the window also. There was no tv on, let alone any type of sound from the house that could counter act against this. I was also home alone.

It was at about 11:30am and this was the second encounter. The video was purely recorded to catch the gardener of the nunnery next door talking to himself. There was no one else in the nunnery grounds`.

There is no given history of the location, but by virtue of the site being connected with the ecclesiastical of old, the child spirit may be connected to an event during this period of the site`s use.

Fact or fake, you decide.

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