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GOOGLE images of a village that was destroyed in 1946 appear to show the ghost of a man hovering over an abandoned farmhouse.
The aerial shots show Charlton on the outskirts of Bristol, which was demolished in 1946 to make way for Filton airfield.

Now all that remains of the old pub, pond and few cottages are roads overgrown with grass and the shell of a farmhouse – which the ‘ghost’ calls home.

Fiona Powell, from Bristol, spotted the dark figure – who appears to be wearing a 1940s style flat cap — when she was scouring aerial views of the local area on the internet.

The mum-of-two said: “I was looking around the Brentry and Pen Park area, as it’s near where I work, and went on to look at Filton Airfield.

“Then suddenly in the right hand corner I noticed the dark figure of a man with a cap on above the site of an old building.

“It looked quite spooky so I called my husband over — we zoomed in again and again and couldn’t believe it.

“I’m quite open-minded about ghosts and this could be one.

“If it had been just anywhere in Bristol I wouldn’t have found it so interesting, but because it was on the site of an old farmhouse in a village that was abandoned, I thought it was fascinating."

Source: TheSun

My View:

Similar `ghostly` images, have appeared in the past on Google, and are often explainable glitches. 
Here I think a story is being made to fit a scenario which the newspaper and Ms Powell would like to be paranormal.
An interesting thought perhaps, but why just one figure in the middle of the day, and standing on apparent ruins? And ruins for which The Sun have decided to call a `farmhouse` to bolster the story. The figure to be a `(man) wearing a 1940s style flat cap`, has more to do with Ms Powell`s imagination, and that of a newspaper keen to raise viewing ratings. Add also that the alleged figure is completely out of scale to the ruins, I believe this to be a long shadow from a nearby structure.

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