Saturday, 8 November 2014

THE HAUNTINGS OF OLD SANTON - A Halloween Visit to a Very Actively Haunted and Remote Church

Coming up at 11pm tonight (Saturday November 8th, 2014) is a 45 minute excursion to a very remote and troubled former church that sits on the Norfolk and Suffolk border of old England.

Join Chris Halton and Haunted Earth tv as we carry out a day and night investigation inside Santon Church, in company with Eddie Mallett, a long time investigator of this site, who has over the years recorded some phenomenal activity at this location.

Santon Church is reputedly haunted by a 17th century priest, whose presence is felt by day and night, and watch how we peel back the layers of activity within.

If proof be positive as to it`s spectral activity, the church door was opened by unseen hands during a preliminary interview with Eddie Mallett which is shared below.

A very creepy location, with lots of activity recorded on our visit which will be made available from this page at the appointed hour with FULL video viewing links here, on the Haunted Earth Ghost World Blog, and brought to you by Haunted Earth tv.

Short video of church door opening itself during an interview:

Tonight`s main viewing link (below) which will be active at 7pm EST - 11pm GMT - Midnight CET, - 1am EET,  and 10am (Sunday) AEDT

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