Thursday, 1 May 2014


Deanna Stinson
A beauty school student from Sacramento says she had to sell her car because it was being haunted by the spirit of her dead boyfriend.
Deanna Stinson says she had a series on spine-chilling experiences in her pick up truck which started days after her boyfriend Alex's unexpected death.
When a paranormal investigator checked the car, he recorded what the pair believe was a male voice trying to answer their questions.

Ms Stinson had been dating Alex for only a month in 2005 when he died of a drug overdose. Three days later she claims she had the first of several supernatural encounters with the 22-year-old.
She said she was driving through Sacramento while wearing a skirt that Alex had always admired on her, when she could feel someone touching her.

Claims ghost used to touch her
'I could feel touching on my hair and on my shoulders, on my thighs, just everywhere,' she told CBS Sacramento.
'My concentration would be lost a lot of the times, but I would just pray, and then it would stop,' she added.
On a couple of occasions the student became convinced she could see Alex in the rear view mirror and even in the passenger seat next to her.

In one encounter, she claimed that he appeared as a ghost in the back seat and began to give her a shoulder massage.
'I was starting to get freaked out and I don't like to be touched by ghostly hands, especially when I am driving,' she told the Knight Talk Radio website.
Ms Stinson says she had no choice but to get rid of the pick up truck but when the feeling that she was being haunted lingered, she called in a paranormal investigator.
Paul Dale Roberts, who has written several books about supernatural activity, used electronic equipment to test the truck.
The 59-year-old, who married Ms Stinson earlier this month, asked the spirit of Alex a series of questions and, when he played back the recording a muffled male voice could be heard.
'He’s definitely probably not attached to his car, but he’s attached to Deanna,' Mr Roberts said.
Ms Stinson says that although she has still felt the presence of Alex in her new car, she is happy for him to remain as long as he doesn't interfere with her driving.


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