Saturday, 3 May 2014


Here is a video that was posted on Youtube a year ago, and has attracted over one million views.
As you will see, a man was allegedly pushed to the ground and dragged along a corridor by spirit.

The immediate observation is, `why?` And why hasn't there been other instances of an event which to an intelligent mind is quite frankly faked.

As with all dubious reports, there is no back story or reference to where and how this amazing incident occurred. All we have to conjure with in our imagination is a rather salubrious title, and this news report which was released yesterday by the Daily Mirror.

The reason I can see it is a faked video is the rather crude CGI adapted to portray the alleged `ghost` who drags him along the corridor. That in itself should have raised alarm bells, but quite to the contrary, it has attracted a great deal of attention.

As you will also see, the video is of very poor visual quality, and likens to some dubious UFO videos that flood out of Russia and the Far East. The poor quality appears deliberate, as it disguises the mechanism used to pull him along the floor.

But to the media, this is more ammunition that buries any serious discussion or analysis of the paranormal.
There are much more convincing news reports, and better video that illustrates a subject that has fascinated humanity since the dawn of time.

But as I have shown in many earlier reports, it isn`t at all about truth, it`s about selling newspapers in a fast diminishing market place, and fake or highly questionable paranormal activity provides the platform they need to improve viewers of both websites and newspapers. And importantly, they don`t have to prove or disprove. But sadly any intelligent mind with no prior experience of the paranormal would became a deep sceptic after seeing this video, which judging by their online poll at the end of the article asks, `Do you believe in the paranormal?`.  After seeing the video and report, it has obviously impacted on viewers belief mechanisms. Currently the poll stands at 50/50. Whereas the national average for paranormal believers stands much higher.

And here is the report and video - complete with the original title written by the newspaper:

Watch incredible CCTV footage of ghost PUSHING man to the ground and DRAGGING him along corridor

The attack lasts just a few seconds before the sinister apparition disappears, leaving the victim to flee the scene in sheer terror,

This extraordinary CCTV footage captures the moment a ghostly apparition PUSHES a man to the ground before dragging him along a corridor.

The 60-second video, posted on YouTube, shows the man, clad in dark clothing striding purposefully along a deserted hallway, watched by the unsleeping eye of a CCTV camera.

Then as he reaches the end of the corridor, a sinister dark shape suddenly materialises in front of him.

The shocked man is violently hurled onto the floor, before being dragged a short distance along the hallway by his right leg.

The ghostly figure then dissolves away into the ether before the terrified man scrambles to his feet, turns tail and runs headlong in the direction he has just come from.

If you are easily scared, perhaps this video isn't for you.

Source: DailyMirror

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