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With the stadium the base for clubs nicknamed Red Devils and Sharks it is only to be expected there would be plenty of surprises - and not always of the most pleasant kind to keep the fans enthralled.

But we can reveal there is action of a very different kind at the AJ Bell Stadium (formerly Salford City Stadium) at Barton, the home of Salford Rugby League, Sale Rugby Union and United's academy at night when the ground and barren land surrounding is pitch black and deserted.

Things are going bump for there are spooks about with staff reporting some odd goings-on including an unexplained object that was caught on CCTV cameras running across the pitch, strange noises like footsteps inside the stadium, lifts going up and down on their own accord and a glass moving off a boardroom table during a meeting.

"We're haunted, it's as simple as that," said one petrified stadium worker who refused to give her name because she thought whatever is giving her the jitters might target her.

"Everyone is talking about what's going on here at night. Is it some kind of curse? We don't know but it is weird. Virtually every night something happens be it a sinister figure in the match security office or cleaners refusing to work on their own because they are frightened.

"Do we call in the Ghostbusters? Well, what I'd say about that is it seems to be a friendly sort of spook, not malicious but certainly mischievous.

"The M60 Barton Bridge is always busy, even at night so vehicle headlights could be playing tricks. Whatever is happening staff are always talking about things that cannot be explained like items going missing and then turning up a few days later in a different place."

Stadium janitor Mark Young, 38, said: "The weirdest unexplained happening-  and there have been a few - was that night something ambled across the pitch. We all thought it was big fox but on the camera it looked like a gorilla, baboon or even a cheetah.

"That was a complete mystery, as was the image in the security box which was checked out but nothing found. I don't want to make out I'm scared because I have a reputation to maintain!"

Security officer Matthew Gilmore, 21, added: "We are always monitoring the cameras and haven't got any absolute proof that we are haunted but we check out  many reports of strange footsteps being heard at night.

"When we were discussing what's really happening someone said there is an old story of a young boy and a dog drowning and then freezing in a brook near here, and that's why all this has started. You never really know do you?

Story: ManchesterEveningNews

Despite the references to CCTV capturing alleged paranormal activity, they seem very reluctant to share these events. Makes no sense other than a news report with some good stories.

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