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In the past, I was able to share with you scenes of paranormal activity captured from my long study of a former RAF/USAAF airbase in rural Essex.

The site was often turning up considerable activity as EVP, light anomalies, AVP and  full or partial apparitions.

Why these airfields are so spiritually active is due to the simple fact that many aircrews died on these airfields from enemy attack or injury, and others that never returned from the many perilous missions flown into occupied territories. Also add those that served and lived a full life to return once more in spirit to rekindle these former times.

This leads me to today`s report of investigations carried out on a former WWII airfield by Middlesbrough Paranormal at the former RAF Tholthorpe.

They have been kind enough to share with us some images of paranormal activity, which gives an idea of the activity engaged at this site.

1) The Spirit of a Nurse.

This image shows what appears to be a nurse on the left side (facing) of the image which was shot at 4am in the morning.

Although the image is blurred through movement when taking the photograph, the image of a WWII period military nurse is clearly identifiable from the head dress and clothing.And if you examine the waist area, you can actually see what appears to be a nurses belt.

Here is a group photograph of nurses from Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service, a British services medical unit during WWII. As you can see, all nurses wore a headdress with a veil.
This unit served from the airfield where the image was captured. There is a strong similarity to the rather blurred image shot, and of course the head dress which was worn at that time. I accept this is not conclusive, but the indicators can be seen easily.

And here is the original image of the apparition which has been cropped to give greater clarity.

Is this a ghostly nurse?
2) The Mechanic.

Here in a former Nissen/Quonset vehicle workshop used as such during WWII, here you can see the outer skin of the corrugated curved side, with a rough cast inner building constructed post WWII.

Looking more closely, you can just see what appears to be an arm and hand clutching either a tool or a rifle. The image cast appears to be a partial figure without definition.

Now cleaned and cropped, you should be able to see a full figure with the back gently curving over a panel behind. Also there appears to be two arms with hands. The figure appears to be wearing a one piece boiler suit which were typically worn by service personnel engaged in vehicle servicing.
Quite what the figure appears to be doing isn`t clear. But this is an excellent capture.

My thanks to Middlesbrough Paranormal for these great images. Why not visit their page and check out their photographs, EVP and investigations.

If you have something similar to share, please contact me - Chris Halton.

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