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Really odd light anomaly with an orb
Last Saturday evening, Haunted Earth tv shot an investigation within the ruins of St Peter`s Church, Alresford. Although the video is unprocessed, we certainly heard voices, captured strange light anomalies, and smelt an unusual herbal smell - like cannabis which seemingly followed us around.

In the summer, a day and night visit elicited the same smell which many attribute to the ghost of a woman called the `Grey Lady` or `White Lady`.
The impression was that this woman was more a recent burial, and that she seems interested in people visiting the church.

On our last summer visit we picked up the sound of someone walking around us, and some great EVP.

The new video will be available later, but an earlier visit is shared below (2nd down).

The church was built about 1300, by Anfred de Staunton, and which burnt down in 1971.
The ruins are perhaps in material at least, far older as the structure relied heavily on re-salvaged stone and Roman brick.

This energy seemingly floated in from outside the church
The church although a ruin is still used for burials, and the building remains are known to many paranormal groups for it`s sometimes very quirky activity.

One such investigator, John Hancock from nearby St Osyth, shared with me the most unusual paranormal capture that I have ever seen.

John takes up the story:

`The footage was just as it happened, I saw the light and have never had it before where it remained and got brighter and moved about. We was all mesmerised by it.
I do find Alresford does have an aura about it that I dont feel in other church yards.`
The grave was for a married couple (name withheld) who passed away in 1957 and 1968.

And here is a short version of our summer visit.

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