Monday, 23 December 2013


A ghost who reportedly haunts Greestone Steps in Lincoln may have been caught on camera by a young ghost hunter.

Paul Otley took his daughter Kaya Jordan Otley on the Lincoln Ghost Walk on December 13 to celebrate his birthday.

When the group of 15 got to the Postern Gate and the Greestone Stairs they were told about a Monk who it is believed hanged himself from the archway.

Kaya took a picture on her mobile phone and it is claimed you can see the outline of a hanging figure under a stone archway.

Mr Otley said: "Once one person in the group saw what appeared on her photograph her phone ended up being passed around and it completely enhanced the experience for everyone.

"You can clearly see feet dangling above the ground and can make out the shape of a figure wearing a long robe, and the head at the top with something coming from the side.

"My daughter was completely spooked out although excited at the same time.

"I have been informed by people in this field that apparitions are often more likely to reveal themselves to children."

Margaret Whitby-Green, of Lincoln Ghost Walks, said it wasn't the first time he had been caught on camera.

"We believe there is a 16th century priest and a monk that haunts that area," she said.

"It is a very haunted area.

"He has been seen there a few times and we have got a couple of pictures in the past."

Source: LincolnshireEcho

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