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DOES this picture capture the moment that a portal opened to a ghostly dimension – or is it merely a dirty lens, or a trick of the light?
The snap was taken at a ghost hunting evening at the Secret Nuclear Bunker in Kelvedon Hall Lane, Kelvedon Hatch, on Friday.

The event, organised by ghost hunting firm Spooksavers, attracted around a dozen souls all on a quest to uncover some paranormal activity.
Armed with equipment including dowsing sticks, a 'ghost box' to scan through radio frequencies, electromagnetic field meters and electronic thermometers, the group descended into the 100ft deep former government hideout.

Yet it was a simple camera which gathered perhaps the strongest piece of evidence of other worldly goings-on.
Sainsbury's worker Bobby Lockwood from Greenwich captured the image in a computer room at the underground venue.
"If you look at the top you can see what looks like a portal opening up," he said.
"That's just a normal picture without any tricks or photo-trickery going on."

The man underneath the blurry oddity is the group's medium for the night, former Psychic TV host Grant Colyer.

Later in the evening the host spontaneously began to run down an unlit corridor before letting out a haunting scream as he appeared to be taken over by the spirit of a former government worker.

"A lot of people go 'oh you've been possessed – you've been taken over' but you're not actually being taken over," he said.
"You're being shadowed by that energy to take on the form of what that person would've been like. "It does take control of your actions. "Nothing can leap into your soul but it can shadow us or go over us. "We are our own spirit energy – we possess our own energy inside us."

Nursery school teacher Sharon Ackland, 54, from Sidcup, in Kent, said she enjoyed the "thrill" of the hunts.
"It's all about the mystery of the unknown, I don't find it creepy at all," she said.
"I want to know if there's something paranormal out there – so many people don't believe.
"We have an energy or a spirit at the school I work at. A little boy is often seen running around. "The children can see him – not all the time but on occasions.
"One of the boys was playing on his own in the conservatory one of the days.
"I asked him what he was doing out there on his own and he said 'I'm not playing alone, I'm with him."

Spooksavers founder Sarah Oscroft started the company two years ago.
She said: "We did a few ghost tours with a few companies and then we really got into it and I said let's found our own company.

"There are lots of companies at the moment. It's an enjoyable way to spend an evening.
"You do get a feel for those who are sceptical and those who are more open-minded.
"It can be a much better experience when people are open to the idea of the paranormal."

Source: ThisIsEssex

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